Trans-Pacific Partnership: Good or Bad


President Barack Obama’s arguably most notable pieces of legislature would be the Affordable Care Act and the stimulus package. However, a new large piece of legislation will add to Obama’s legacy as president.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) helps connect the United States with multiple countries in the Pacific rim region to a massive chunk of the 95% of world trade that goes on outside its border.

Reporter Kai Ryssdal sat down with President Obama and a number of leaders within the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., Tuesday to discuss the president’s vocal support for the TTP.

Ryssdal expertly moved from discussing the president’s stance on the TTP to the TTP’s future effects on both big businesses and the individual producers and consumers.

After getting shorter answers on the “economic anxiety,” Ryssdal restructured his approach to get a fuller answer from the president.

“The question then is, is that the new normal? Should we just get used to that?” Ryssdal asked in reference to the economic insecurity of the U.S. and got an answer readers can assume he was looking for with his previous less direct questions.

Where as Marketplace could have decided to pick different quotes and pieces of this interview to craft an article, the site chose to give a less biased piece by giving Obama’s full answer. Some other sites with more political agendas will likely craft this same interview to portray the TTP as better or worse than the president portrayed it.

See full interview here:



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